Evening Clubruns


6.30pm Wednesday - 'Steady' -  Holmfirth Post Office 


A steady pace/recovery ride. Average pace will be around 13 - 14mph, or to the pace of the slowest rider on the night. The ride will be perfect for anyone fancying a steady, sociable roll out, or racers who want a recovery ride. It will probably split up on the climbs as everyone has their own comfort zone when the road goes up, but there will be a regroup at the top and will not move off until the last person up is ready. On the flatter sections we will ride as a group, but this can only work with communication if the group size gets larger. If the pace is too high for anyone then they should shout up so the head of the group can ease up to a pace that suits everyone. At this sort of pace the route will probably be no longer than 25 miles, but more likely a bit shorter.


6.30pm Thursday - 'Pacey' - Holmfirth Post Office


The pacey ride, probably averaging 15 - 16mph, possibly higher as the summer rolls on and fitness rises. Anyone is welcome to have a ride in this group but, if you feel that average 15mph is way out of your comfort zone, then think carefully before joining in, as 16mph average round the Holmfirth area can be pretty taxing with the climbs involved. That said, if you want to push yourself and raise your fitness, this may be the perfect opportunity to have a go at a faster ride without having to make the big miles commitment needed for the Sunday 'C' group ride. The ride could be anything up to 35 miles depending on pace, but will stay reasonably local for anyone that needs to break off and head home.


6.30pm Thursday - 'Speedy Ladies' - Holmfirth Post Office


"Speedy Ladies" ride on Thursday evening. 6.30-8.30 pm meeting outside Post Office  in Holmfirth for competent and fit riders/racers.

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