HCC prides itself on being an all inclusive, friendly club and we encourage new riders to come and join us.  We recognise that it is much safer for all of us if we ride as a group, but we also recognise that this is a skill that develops over time.  As a rough guide, as the pace of a ride increases through our groups A to E then so does the group riding skill. To support group riding we ask when taking a turn on the front please make an effort to check the pace you are setting is not leaving people behind. Equally, if you feel you are dropping off the back or spot another rider who has been dropped, communicate this to the front of the group. So that you do not feel under pressure if the pace of the ride is either too fast or too slow for you we offer plenty of other groups that might suit your pace better. There are some further hints and tips for a group riding below. Thank  you



Club Run Etiquette - some reminders...

  • Come prepared - everyone should have a pump and inner tube/puncture repair kit.

  • Choose the right group! If you're not sure go with a slower group rather than a faster one. You can always move up next time.

  • Ride 2 abreast when safe to do so. The group should stay as compact as possible in 2 lines.

  • Never ride more than 2 abreast, move into single file when traffic is busy or the road is narrow.

  • If the group is larger than 14 then it should divide into 2 smaller groups to ensure that we ride safely and minimise impact to other road users, unless it is felt by the route planner that because of the route and riders concerned that a larger group is safe.

  • Please remember to look over your shoulder to check it is clear before manoeuvring.

  • Always follow the Highway Code; remember when on a clubrun you are representing the club.


You may see or hear the following signals being used - please help to keep the group safe by using these signals yourself and by communicating them through your group:


  • Shout of 'Car Up' - there is a car, possibly going to cause an obstruction, behind.

  • Shout of 'Car Down' - there is a car, possibly going to cause an obstruction, in front.

  • Shout of 'Mile Off' or 'Ease Up' means slow the pace slightly at the front

  • Point out hazards

  • Shout of 'Slowing' or waving arm means he group is slowing down.

  • Shout of 'Stop' or 'Lights' or signal of hand up means the group is stopping (often for traffic lights)

  • Left arm around the back signals moving out (often for a parked car)

  • Right arm around the back signals to ride in single file.

  • Shout of 'All On?' is asking if the group is together . The response of 'All Aboard' should be given by the last rider if they are present.

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